capital letters

i’ve noticed i’m very inconsistent with capitalization on this blog.  in my first post, there was none, in the second i used the standard style, in the third i reverted to my habitual disuse of the shift key in informal text-speech and then in the last one i actually started typing in all lowercase but decided halfway through to change and went back and capitalized.  i may have missed some, though.

i really prefer not to capitalize if, as i said, the setting is informal.  but i still feel  names and book titles should be capitalized, to sort of set them apart as being proper nouns.  if you will notice, both of the posts where i ended up capitalizing everything contain proper nouns, so that is probably why i used the standard capitalization at the beginnings of sentences and for the word “I” in them.

well.  language standards are set by the people that use them, (some of the time.  other times they are set by pedants and prescriptivists).  what is acceptable may change depending on the context.  i am hereby deciding that in the context of this blog, it is acceptable for me to not to use capital letters, unless i feel like it.

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