Avatar: Legend of Korra Comic Con Info

So at comic con this week, they released the first trailer for Avatar:Legend of Korra, the follow-up to Avatar:The Last Airbender (which is an amazing show that you should totally go watch if you haven’t seen it yet!)  I watched the trailer a few times, excitedly, (from my computer at home because I didn’t got to San Diego).  Today I found out some more of the info that was discussed during the Avatar panel.  You can read it for yourself here.

My thoughts:

  • Zuko and Aang founded a city together?  Awesome!  A detail totally ripe for fanfiction.  Not that I’m a huge fan of fan fiction in general.  But I’m glad Zuko and Aang had a productive friendship.  I love Zuko!
  • A polar bear dog animal guide?!  Neat!
  • Anti-benders: we had heard them, this is kind of what I expected it to be.
  • Toph’s legacy–interesting.  Appropriate, I think.  Feels like a natural development.
  • WHAT?!  Aang and Katara only had three kids?!  And only ONE of them is an Airbender?!  Um…I thought it was established cannon that all Airbender chlidren of at least one Airbender parent were also Airbenders.  I will have to look for that source…but I am very confident that is what was previously stated.  So, are they now going to change it and say that is only when both parents are Airbenders, or did Katara have an affair (with ZUKO?! Haha, in my dreams).  Also…if you are the last Airbender, isn’t it your responsibility to repopulate that section of the bending universe as much as you can?  You should probably have more than just the three kids!
  • I had another thought regarding the repopulation of the Airbenders, after the season three finale: if Aang can take someone’s bending away, shouldn’t he be able to give someone bending, too?  he could choose worthy candidates that exemplified the Airbender core values and bequeath it to them on the spot.  That would be a great way to quickly boost the number of Airbenders.  It doesn’t appear they’ve thought of or agree with my awesome idea…
  • “new species” of flying lemurs and bison…this is dumb.  They just want to cling to the familiar imagery of Appa and Momo.  this is a mistake.  it’s forced and illogical.  let them die out, and make us grow attached to new animal characters.  I promise the bending itself is iconic enough.

I’m still left with questions, of course.  Will we see Ursa’s storyline explained?  Will we see more Zuko or a Zuko descendant, pretty please?  Emphasis on the pretty.  Will we see descendants of Sokka and Suki?  I loved them!

I don’t know if this has an airdate yet, so it may be awhile before all is revealed.  Should be worth the wait.  The description of the music alone makes me excited: half traditional, half “What if in the 1920’s, the Chinese invented Jazz?”



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