“The Hunger Games” teaser trailer

Finally we got our first glimpse of live action from The Hunger Games movie, (coming to theaters this March), and we still haven’t seen Peeta in action!  He’s the part I’m most worried about.  I know Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss will be great.  And she does look great in this teeny tiny, very unsatisfying (but very teaser-y, making-you-want-more so mission accomplished) clip.  Here’s the Lionsgate official HD version from youtube:

The voice-over is Gale.  Not direct lines from the book.  I assume these lines are from Gale’s “goodbye, you’re going to the Hunger Games, I hope you survive, I-don’t-seem-to-have-time-to-tell-you-that-I’m-in-love-with-you” speech to Katniss right after the Reaping.  Here’s the closest thing in the book to what he says in this clip:

“Katniss, it’s just hunting.  You’re the best hunter I know.”

So, alright, those lines are pretty good, and they do sort of set up the premise pretty well.

In the very first few seconds when it was just the forest I thought, oh no, it looks like Twilight.  You do NOT do this series a favor by comparing it to Twilight!  But then it got better.  Katniss is hardcore.  My favorite part of this teaser is probably her face when she fires off that arrow at the end.  Who or what is she shooting?  From her face I would say it’s when she shoots Marvel to avenge Rue.  That’s what it looks like to me, for sure, and that’s kind of the way it happens in the book, she comes running and immediately kills him.

Every bit shown except the ones with the fire are post-tracker jacker, when she’s got the bow and arrow.  These are good choices, because the bow is definitely part of Katniss’ iconic image, but so is the “girl on fire” motif.  So this teaser really includes both of those elements.  And we don’t need to see the tracker jacker scene, although some people were speculating that we would, because in this context where it’s really just trying to set up the basic story and get you excited about it that would probably be distracting or confusing.  i mean she’s hallucinating and her face is swollen and puffy.

No, I think the producers of this teaser trailer made good decisions, although I am still dying to see some Josh Hutcherson/Peeta Mellark action!  So much so, I temporarily convinced myself that the flash of a close-up on somebody’s eyes (at about the 24-second mark) might have been him.  The eyes looked too dark to be Jennifer’s, and I didn’t think she was going to be wearing contacts since she wasn’t in the pictures of her in costume that were in Entertainment Weekly awhile back.  I thought it could be Peeta, hiding out with an injured leg, waiting for Katniss to rescue him.

i analyze the eyes from the teaser trailer, hoping we've seen a glimpse of Peeta

Unfortunately, all this close scrutiny only made me realize that is HAS to be Katniss because the person in this close-up has the same nose-freckle as Jennifer Lawrence.  (My husband, who has been leaning over my shoulder mocking me and my obsession, insists that I give him credit for first noticing the freckle.)

jennifer lawrence's nose-freckle

So…is she gonna be wearing contacts?  Or is the lighting in that particular shot just kinda dark?  It’s probably just the lighting.  Damn!  I really want to see/hear some Peeta!  When do we get a real trailer?

Also, is the whistling at the very end supposed to be the mockingjay song that Rue sings?  The books says it’s only four or so notes, right?  I count four whistled notes at the end.  I’m pretty sure that’s Rue’s song!



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5 responses to ““The Hunger Games” teaser trailer

  1. i think i could totally braid my hair the way katniss is wearing hers in the arena, btw.

  2. kem

    OH my goodness! I just realized after the 3rd time watching it that the end says “may the odds be ever in your favor” that’s awesome.

  3. here’s some commentary on the teaser trailer from director gary ross. i have never heard of director commentary for a teaser trailer before. this marketing system is really into hyperdrive already, isn’t it?

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