“Insurgent” cover revealed!!!!

I love Twitter.  It’s how I found out about the reveal of the Insurgent cover art just minutes ago, because I follow author Veronica Roth.  This is the sequel to the book Divergent, (which, if you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?!  It’s seriously great, one of my new favorites), and it’s supposed to come out sometime around May 2012.  I was already excited, but of course seeing the new cover has thrown me into a tizzy of anticipation.

The photo is an EW exclusive, along with a short interview with Veronica in which she says this about the sequel:

I can’t say much because there’s very little I can reveal without spoiling everything. But I will say that the factions there were not featured in Divergent will have a more prominent role in Insurgent, and that readers will learn more about Tobias’ history. But essentially, the book is about consequences. The repercussions of what Tris did, and what Jeanine did at the end of the first book, in particular.

I think this cover is also the first time we’ve learned the tagline, “One choice can destroy you.”  The tagline for the first book, in which Tris has to choose what faction to declare loyalty to for the rest of her life, was “One choice can define you.”  So this is a great parallel, and it seems to tie in perfectly with her comment about the consequences of Tris and Jeanine’s actions–they basically destroyed the faction system, they killed a lot of people.  I can’t wait to read it, and I’m glad we’re not skipping over much time.

The cover for Divergent featured the Dauntless faction symbol, but this one has the Amity symbol.  That makes total sense, because at the end of book 1 they were headed to Amity to seek asylum.  I love that the tree sort of looks like it’s in a whirlwind.  I know part of that is because all the faction symbols are set within circles, but I think it also symbolizes the way things are going to be getting thrown around in a chaotic upheaval in the aftermath of the Dauntless attack on Abnegation.

SO excited to see more of the other factions, SO excited to learn more about Four’s past, can’t wait for this book to come out!  Now I’m going to go re-read the faction manifestos and look for more clues in the light of Veronica’s new quotes


*Update* Veronica has blogged about the new cover herself now.  I didn’t even notice the train until she pointed it out!


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