Eight Hunger Games Posters

I really wanted to make a pun in the title about hunger and eight-ate, but I couldn’t think of a good one.

So, yesterday Lionsgate released eight character posters for the Hunger Games movie (which is scheduled for a March 2012 release date.  March 23, I think?)  I’m not going to repost all the pictures here, at least not right now, because they’re everywhere and also I don’t have time to download and caption them all right now.  You can easily google them I’m sure, or you can see them all collected here.

My thoughts: I kind of like how overly-airbrushed their skin is.  I mean they look almost like plastic dolls, but it’s kind of great because that’s totally how the Capital would market their tributes!  That was certainly one of the traits of the rotting society’s elite, that they were overly obsessed with superficial appearances and the first thing that happened to newly selected tributes was that they got a makeover.  Looking at Katniss, Peeta, Rue, and Cato’s posters make me believe I’m seeing something very close to what the Capital would have produced to promote their 74th annual Hunger Games.

Of course, not all of the character posters released were actually tributes.  I expected to see Gale, it totally makes sense to see one of Effie and Cinna (I forgot they cast Lenny Kravitz as Cinna!  I think he looks pretty good, he’s styled right for the character anyway), and then there’s Haymitch.  He looks great, too.   I think it’s a little strange that we got a Cato poster and not a Prim one, because I consider her a much more important character.  She influences Katniss’ motivations and actions in a crucial way, but screen-time-wise I guess I can concede that Cato will be featured more than Prim in the movie adaptation of this story.  We won’t be inside Katniss’ head as much, hearing her think about Prim.  And surely Prim will be featured on a poster yet to come.

Rue’s poster is my least favorite.  I don’t like how her shoulders are pushed so far back so her chest sticks out.  It’s how I imagine the Capital would want her to pose, to seem more womanly and attractive, but she’s just a little girl.  She should posed more innocently.  Maybe that’s what they were going for with the downcast eyes, innocent and vulnerable?  She’s the only one not looking straight forward in this set.  But in the books, Rue doesn’t shy away from the challenge of competing against kids that are bigger and stronger than her, she is resourceful and determined.  I don’t picture her looking down.  I think it’s going to take away from her character if the movie makes her weaker in order to make Katniss look more heroic in her protection of her.

My sister pointed out to me that Katniss is facing the opposite way from everyone else, which is fabulous because of course she is a rebel, going against the grain, turning all of Panem down a new path.  PLEASE let us see a real trailer, soon!


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