Katniss Hair

We got a new Hunger Games picture yesterday that had me very excited–because it’s the best view so far of Katniss’ hair.  I’ve been trying to figure our her side-braid for months now.  I want to be able to make it look just right on myself when I go to the midnight screening.  And I’m aiming for the fancier version of the side-braid that Cinna gives her; the way she styles it herself in District 12 is easier and plainer.

District 12 hair: parted in the middle, going down into the braid.

Katniss’ Arena-hair goes sideways across her head more instead of just straight down.  And it starts in a smaller braid, which we hadn’t had a clear view of until this new picture:

Cinna with Katniss, just before she enters the deadly Arena.

See how it sort of swoops across the back of her head?  You can see it in one of posters, too.  The way the braid sits out on the head a bit and the way the strands joining in are still distinct makes me think it’s more of a Dutch-style braid than French.

I hope this new picture helps me perfect the look.   (Has anybody else already figured it out?  Do you have any tips?) And if I get overly ambitious, I could always try for the Girl on Fire hairstyle.

**update**  Here’s another new picture of the back of her side-braid from the back:



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3 responses to “Katniss Hair

  1. so now that you’ve been practicing for a week, do you feel confident you can do this in another month. A MONTH!? 🙂

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  3. 5 days!!! 😀 I’m doing this braid for the midnight premier too!!

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