Divergent Couple Naming

so i broke down and created a tumblr.  (thepagelady.tumblr.com if you’re interested).  i’m not planning on posting much original content there as this is what i consider my primary blog.  i used to just type in the urls of the tumblrs that i was interested in keeping tabs on, but when veronica roth announced that each of the divergent factions now have their own dedicated tumblr page it tipped the scales in favor of “fine, sign up for a tumblr and let them collect the updates i want all in one place even though i a.) hate the way “tumblr” is spelled, and b.) already have a facebook, blogger account, two twitters, linkedin, and a wordpress account to keep track of.”

so i promptly created the aforementioned thepagelady.tumblr (just “pagelady” was already spoken for) and followed all five factions (although clearly i would be Erudite).  on the dauntless page, i saw a post titled “Divergent: We need a Four/Tobias and Tris couple name.”  first of all–why had this not occurred to me before?!  second of all, I nominate FourTris.

i felt like a freaking genius when i commented my awesome, puny (fortress/FourTris) idea, until i read the other comments and saw that about half of them had already suggested it.  (good job, guys.  way to represent #DivergentNation.)

Divergent math

some of the other couple names that have been suggested are:

  • Trobias
  • Tribias
  • Trur (…what?! that’s almost as bad as “the rural juror” on 30 Rock)
  • Fris
  • Toris
  • Trias
  • Tobis
  • Fobias (supposed to be a play on “phobias” but doesn’t include any part of Tris, it’s just Four+Tobias!)
  • Beatour
  • Beafour (these last two are kinda cute but she doesn’t even call herself Beatrice)

here’s why FourTris is a better option: for one thing, it uses Four rather than Tobias. even veronica has acknowledged that she “seem[s] to be in the minority” of people who like the name Tobias, (see the quote here in a really interesting post by her about the Four/Tobias name change which i totally recommend that you read.) in light of v’s post on “the names we choose,” i also think we should use Tris over Beatrice (because that’s what she prefers to be called, even by Four).  i understand if people want to use Tobias instead of Four since that’s what Tris switches to calling him, but come on, Four is a way cooler and hotter sounding name.

a couple name blend needs to be easy to pronounce, and it needs to recognizably represent both parties.   it’s best if the pieces of the names are derived from natural syllable boundaries in the original source.  therefore i rule out “Trur,” “Trias,” “Toris,” and “Tobis.”

“Fris” works and is cute, but short. (compromise: official name FourTris, which can be shortened at whim to Fris?) “Tribias” actually works pretty well too, and it’s better than “Trobias” because it’s a more even split between the two names. “Trobias” is Tobias-heavy.

Trobias, Tribias, and FourTris seem to be the most popular options in the tumblr comments.  have i convinced you that FourTris is best, or do you like one of the others?

it will be interesting to see which term (if any) becomes the predominate label used in the fandom.  in the end, language can’t be legislated.  my post and the one on tumblr posing the original question will have no more actual impact than the coordinated voting effort among Hunger Games fansites to decide what hunger games fans should “officially” be called.  the majority of the votes ended up going to “Tributes,” but have you heard media outlets referring to fans that way?  i haven’t. i haven’t even seen the fansites using the term.  most people still just say “hunger games fans.”  you can’t legislate language.  but we keep trying, don’t we? what interesting thoughts on language and identity can we pull from that?  a subject for another time.


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