“The Hobbit” Trailer Totally Looks Like…

As I continue to re-watch the new trailer for The Hobbit, I’ve noticed more things that it reminds me of.  First, when Biblo is saying “I like visitors as much as the next hobbit,  but I like to know them before they visit!” and looking out the window, then gasping and ducking away to hide in the hallway when Gandalf peeks back in at him, it totally looks like when old Bilbo in The Fellowship of the Rings hides against the same wall in the same hallway and tells Gandalf “I’m not at home!” to avoid having to answer the knockings on the door from “these confounded relatives!”  I love the parallel because it helps remind us that this is the same character, and while the Biblo that sets out on this adventure in The Hobbit and the one who returns and is seen later in The Fellowship of the Rings are very different, they still share many quirks, including the physical reaction to unwanted visitors outside.

compaison picture of two bilbos avoiding windows

While re-watching The Fellowship of the Ring to get the screenshot of old Bilbo above, I noticed that the map we see in this new Hobbit trailer totally looks like Bilbo’s map in Fellowship!  Which is kind of a duh, it’s the same map, (but with some added wear and tear and additional markings!), but it just made me really excited to re-watched the Lord of the Rings triology after I’ve seen all the Hobbit films and think about the characters’ rich backstories.   And it’s exactly the kind of detail that movies mess up on so often, (like Lily’s eyes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, for goodness sakes), and I’m so grateful to the cast and crew of these Peter Jackson-helmed Tolkien movies for caring so much about every little thing.

The map in the new Hobbit trailer.


Gandalf examines the map on Bilbo’s table in Fellowship of the Ring.

The other thing in this trailer that reminds me of something else is Galadriel’s white gown and cape, which totally look like the Tom Ford creation that Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Academy Awards earlier this year.  It’s too bad we don’t get a clear, focused look at Galadriel’s dress, but I think the similarity is still pretty clear.  That observation is not really worth anything, I just noticed it and couldn’t help making a side-by-side comparison.

Did anything else stand out to you in this trailer, that totally looks like something else?


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  1. I loved the moment with Gollum. “If Baggins loses, then we eats him whole?” looking all cute and pleading. OH I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

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