Catching Fire Hair

(Doesn’t that title sound like somebody’s head is on fire? Haha.)  Well, production on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has begun and we have some paparazzi photos of the actors in costume on set.  Just wanted to point out that it looks like Katniss’ hair is styled in pretty much the same braid as the first film, so my previous posts on trying to figure that braid out are still relevant.  **SPOILER ALERT** I do wonder how they will handle her hair (as well as everybody else’s) since it should get wet when she has to swim in the 75th Annual Hunger Games arena.  Are they going to show her re-braiding it, is it going to stay disheveled, or is it going to magically revert to looking more polished a scene or two after they emerge from the sea?  We shall see….**END SPOILER**

The other character whose hair has me interested is Enobaria, a career tribute from District 2.  It looks like it’s three braids on top and then a ponytail, with some hair wrapped around the ponytail holder to hide it.  It looks cool, a lot cooler than the blonde woman’s in this photo, (who I assume is Cashmere, the tribute from District 1).  Her hair is styled, but so boring and stereotypical.  Maybe I’m partially biased because I like to wear braids more myself, they look cool and they keep your hair out of the way and you don’t always have to straighten or curl your hair beforehand.

Enobaria is in the top center.

And one more pic–not that I really care about his hair, but here’s a shirtless Finnick on set.  So…that looks good, too…


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    My eye was captured by the NEW CAST MEMBERS, and perhaps not their hair, but THIS IS A GOOD SIGN. It’s all coming together! *squeals*

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