Reasons Why “The Last Airbender” Movie Sucked

*I recently rediscovered this rant, which was originally posted as a note on my facebook page in July of 2010, before I started this blog.  I am re-posting it here with additional photos added.*

This is just my rant against M. Night Shyamalan’s murderous destruction of a story that I loved in his live-action movie version of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (Book 1: Water).  The main reason it sucked is apparent from the first of the credits: Written, Directed and Produced by M. Night Shyamalan.  I would venture to say few people are actually talented to wear all these hats on a single project, and it’s painfully obvious after about 5 minutes that Shyamalan should never have been in charge of writing the script, or at least should have had someone he had to listen to when they said “this sucks.”  The script is terrible!  The dialogue is terrible!  It would have stood a fighting chance otherwise; mostly great costumes, beautiful backdrops, good CGI, great music.  But it doesn’t matter because the storytelling was terrible.

Shyamalan treats the audience alternately like we already know the story and like we’re stupid idiots that need every plot point spelled out through Katara’s weeping narration.

In the “audience already knows” category:
-Aang is named in narration before we see Katara ask “what’s your name?” and see him reply “I’m Aang!”  So, we’re just supposed to have known during earlier narration that it was referring to him.

-Momo isn’t named until he’s in the spirit oasis batting at tui and la and Aang says, “Momo! Be nice!”  So again, we’re just supposed to have known that somewhere along the way they named the creature that we’ve barely been seeing Momo.

-The Avatar state is NEVER MENTIONED!  Even the role and function of the Avatar himself is poorly explained. Gran-gran (excuse me, “Grandma”, who for some reason has a British accent) simply says “With his mastery of the four elements he will begin To change hearts, and it is in the heart that all wars are won.”  Um…what?  Why don’t you say that he will bring balance, that he is the only one with the power to stop the fire nation from taking over the world.  Is this supposed to be clever foreshadowing for the finale?  Because it’s not worth it.  Understanding the purpose of the Avatar is perhaps the most important part of the story, so this is a huge flaw.

In the “audience is stupid” category:

-Sokka says “The Fire Nation’s Plan: supress all other bending.”  To be fair he had to say this in response to Aang’s earlier, “The Fire Nation is up to something” captain obvious statement.  DUH the Fire Nation is up to something, and it’s called world domination, and I can think of hundreds of more interesting, less insulting ways to convey that FN=bad guys.

-Sokka: we need to go to the Northern Water Tribe, blah blah, “It’s led by a princess because her father died.”  What? First of all, not cannon, second of all, what difference does it make that she’s in charge, thirdly, just say it’s led by a princess, you don’t have to explain how monarchies work, or better yet don’t say anything about the freaking princess.  When we get there we’ll know.

-Katara: “Aang, the Fire Nation knew the Avatar would be born into the Air Nomads, so they exterminated the Air Nomads.”  *sigh* really my problem with this line is the repetitiveness (“Air Nomads, Air Nomads!” doesn’t M. Night know about co-referential pronouns?)  Also, Aang is 12; does he even know what “exterminated” means?  Do the kids in the audience?  Is this an attempt at a lower rating by not saying “killed” or “wiped out,” or is it, (more likely), M. Night making use of the handy right-click synonym function in Microsoft Word?  Ooo, exterminate, that’s classy.

-Possibly the most annoying narration was at the North Pole.   Katara says, “We presented ourselves before the royal court.  The princess and my brother became friends right away.  Aang was accepted to learn water bending,” blah blah blah, “The city prepared itself for the battle they knew would come in the ensuing weeks.”  (“Ensuing,” again, I’m sure was a synonym word choice.)  But none of this was necessary because, as I said, we’re not stupid idiots.  If we see people bowing in front of other people who are seated and fancily dressed, we can infer they are the royal court.  If we see close-ups of a girl and guy eye-ing each other and smiling, we can infer that they like each other.  Because that’s what they do in every other movie.   So don’t narrate us to death!  Show, don’t tell!

“He’s bending fire from nothing!” Cower in fright, even though this is totally normal in the show! The reduction on bending powers in the movie was shameful.

In the “just terrible” category:

Sokka: Is he breathing?
*Katara nods*
Sokka: Did you see that light shoot into the sky?

YES SOKKA, we all saw it!  We even cut away and saw Zuko see it miles away.  What a stupid, unnatural thing to say.

FN Soldier: “If you were the Avatar, you’d have to be an airbender. Are you an airbender boy?”
* Aang bends air at him*
FN Soldier: “How is he doing that?!”

He’s BENDING AIR you idiot, you JUST SAID it!

Paku: “Hooooooooooooooooooooooo!” *camera pans down line of Water Tribe soldiers*

This was just…stupid.  It wasn’t even a war-cry hoooo, it was more like a musical note.  Was he trying to do a wolf howl? Fail.

(Roku’s?) Dragon’s great advice:

“You must let this [grief] go. As the Avatar you are not meant to hurt people. Use the ocean. Show them the power of water.”

Did I say great advice?  I meant non-sequitor, nonsensical advice.

Katara: “Did the spirits tell you anything?”
Aang: “Yes. I know what I have to do.”
Katara: “We have to go.”

How do YOU know, Katara?  What if the spirits told Aang to stay right there?  Why are you asking and then telling him what to do?

Yue: blah blah I’m saying exactly what will happen next because the audience might not get it otherwise, they’re stupid you know, blah blah meanwhile i’m about to rub Sokka’s cheek off, blah blah:

“It’s time we showed the Fire Nation that we believe in our beliefs as much as they believe in their beliefs.”

Well, way to take an articulate stand for something vague.

picture of sokka and yue kissing

Vague and meaningless statements about beliefs are so romantic!

Aang: “Some of the monks can meditate for four days.” *sits down to meditate*

Um, that’s very interesting Aang.  Thanks for telling us just now.  So, are you saying your plan is to meditate for several days while everyone in the Northern Water Kingdom dies in the battle that is going on right now?

Zhao mentions his “secret underground library” four separate times, “scrolls from the secret library” four times, and “decipher the scrolls from the secret library” twice.  Because we might have forgotten, in the minutes between those lines, where he got those scrolls.  Which is a minor subplot anyway.  Mention it once, and thereafter just say “the scrolls”.  Come on.

Misc. complaints:
Katara should have had hair loopies.  Real ones.  If I can figure out how to do it to wear to the movie premiere, why can’t a massively-budgeted Hollywood movie?

The Fire Nation bow should have been preserved.  The one from the original show, I mean, with one hand in a closed fist and the other a flat sideways palm on top like a flame.  Instead, we see Zhao clap his fist to his heart like some fascist when he’s presented before Ozai.  This really ticked me off because it’s such a small thing, so why, WHY change it? Stripping yet more of the richness and originality away from the story.

I hated the Blue Spirit’s wig.

Apparently all you need to incapacitate a troop of FN soldiers is a dust cloud.  They can’t walk through it.

Apparently, if you’re doing a scene with Ozai your location title can be as broad as “Fire Nation,” but if you’re doing Zuko it has to be as stupidly specific as “Fire Nation Colony 15”.  WTF?!  Fifteen?!

I hated the version of Katara Shyamalan presented.  In the show, she is compassionate, stubborn, hot-tempered, loyal, bossy, strong, courageous and an excellent fighter.  In the movie she is a weeping, emotional, weak mess.  Nearly every line is delivered on the verge of crying.  Even in her self-declaration, which for some reason happens almost at the end during her fight with Zuko:

Zuko: “Who are you?”
Katara: “My name is Katara, and I’m the only water bender left in the Southern Water Tribe.”

It sounds like she’s about to burst into tears.  And why would she bother saying all that at this point anyway?  It’s just so…out of place.  Show-Katara would say something like, “I’m Katara, I’m with the Avatar and you’re not going to touch him! *water whip*” Movie-Katara uses only defensive bending, and except for her two second spar with Zuko and when she randomly ka-tackles a Fire Nation soldier in the Earth prison, she literally stands by and watches while other people fight.  Show-Katara would have been all over the place kicking ass.  Show-Katara wouldn’t be hyperventilating and saying “Calm down, we’ll find him!” to herself.  It’s disgraceful the way Shyamalan has ruined her character.

Movie-Katara ka-tackles a Fire Nation soldier.

Oh yeah, and the bending was not nearly as impressive as it is in the cartoon.  It seems in movie-Avatar universe, you have to do an awful lot of waving your arms around before anything happens.  Either that or it has to happen in slow motion.  And it takes six syncronized-stepping Earthbenders to make a tiny pebble dangle in front of the camera.

p.s.  If you were a fan of the original show and need a place to vent and/or read other fans’ criticisms of the movie adaptation, I highly recommend this forum thread from dedicated to the “unintentional hilarity” in the live-action disaster.   It’s very therapeutic.


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45 responses to “Reasons Why “The Last Airbender” Movie Sucked

  1. Devon

    Know what’s stupid? Shamalamadingdong apparently said he liked the kind of martial artsy moves in the actual show so tried (emphasis on tried) to incorperate that in the movie. Thing is: If you have to perform so many moves to make a rock slowly move towards a target (lame ass powers) then you’re better off using real martial arts or weapons. Anyone could have killed the people in the movie by simply chopping their heads off before they completed their pathethic ‘bending’.

    • Lisa

      I completely agree with u!

    • Korra

      I know! I love how you called him “Shamalamadingdong”! I was thinking their bending was awful the whole time, because I’ve seen kids younger than the actors in this show do much better in real martial arts than they did with their fake movements. It takes ten earth benders to move ONE ROCK! Toph, and really any earthbender on the entire show, could move one four times as big with just their pinky finger! 😦 You need to see this:

  2. lydie

    The movie avatar suxs I couldn’t even watch it!!!! I hope the second part is better also they should’ve gotten a different person to play katata who watched the show and learned her lines a little better…. like seriously she was HORRIABLE!!!!!! The cartoon avatar IS WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. bayram

    the movie is the badest ever, storyline 0, special effects 0, firebending??? what the heck was that shit….are you kidding me..they can lift a focking boat with water but then they even cant make all the elements bend worthly??? 0 0 and another 0. Im sure if they shoot avatar as a would be succesfull..but the serie has to be great shot by best cameras and special effect pls guys…invest the money, you’ll return it anyway…when its good!!! even when its bad you won money so hellloooo?!!!!

  4. Alyssa

    I don’t know if you guys realize this…… but the cartoon, is just a CARTOON! I’m sure it’s easier to draw men making a boulder float than to get real men- who aren’t drawings_ and good special effects to make it look like a boulder was actually floating in mid air! I’m sure the directer couldn’t care less of what pathetic cartoon nerds have to say about their movie. I’d like to see you write, direct, and produce a movie and see how many people would watch and/or buy it.

    • Alyssa

      By the way i’m pretty sure even nine year old children know what “exterminate” means.

    • If it was going to be impossible to get the special effects to render live-action bending on a badass scale, maybe they shouldn’t have made the movie adaptation in the first place. And the bending is only one element of the film, anyway–that doesn’t explain away the terrible dialogue, bastardization of beloved characters, and awkward narration.

    • Courtney

      LOL I’m almost positive this movie was supposed to be based off of his interpretation of the cartoon. So… it should be like the cartoon, should it not?

    • avatar freak

      Shamwow or whatever his name is spent millions of dollars on the movie and the best they could do is get a bunch of terrible actors and lousy special effects STUPID! not u BTW the movie

    • Matthew

      You guys are honestly pathetic. The movie was not at all that bad. The movie was for a general audience, therefore some parts were repetitive to show children. You’re complaining for absolutely nothing and this forum should be removed for pure stupidity and redundancy. I watched the entire show and movie many times. Some things were not up to par but the movie does not deserve all this senseless banter. Ultimately, this text proved nothing. Think before you type and formulate concrete examples to prove a point.


      • Chris

        When this movie was released I was 22yrs old. I took my before to see it, and could tell from her excitement that she was really looking forward to it. She couldn’t stop telling me how great the cartoon was on the drive over, and how much she hoped the movie would be good. Well, I had never seen the show, and only heard about the movie from the commercials I had seen, so knowing Shamalan’s style gave me some reservations. Turns out that the movie was so bad that the 11 yr old didn’t want to finish it. I spent $40 on it so we stayed. I’ll give it this, it wasn’t as bad as the Twilight movie she dragged me to.

      • Chris

        Damn autocorrect. In the second sentence “before” should have been “niece.”

    • Bitch Niqqa 479

      We’ll shit I know damn we’ll I can make a bajillion times better movie than that. I’ve watch the show so many times that I was pissed that this movie was the biggest disappointment ever. And by the way have u not seen other movies their special effects are a billion times better and I don’t think it would be that hard for people to learn how to “bend” like some one can’t just punch the air and edit a blast of fire Into that. Obviously not since they have to swing their arms around all stupid like n kick the air to produce a little spark of flame. This movie is PATHETIC

    • BayBNP

      Dont forget 80% of the the actor are Indian !

    • Korra

      I see your point, however this movie was horribly expensive to make, and had tons of people working on it. You’d think that with such a high budget, they could have done a little better. If it was a cheap film, I would like it a little more. Besides, I’m not so much frustrated at how “un-cool” the bending looks, as to how they didn’t even try to follow the storyline of bending. What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what something looks like, what matters is the effort put into it. And this movie, frankly, had none.

  5. Lisa

    This is by far THE WORST MOVIE I EVER SEEN!!!!!!…..everything in the movie is bad and very bad acting, personally i have nothing against child-acting but i going to say it anyway, THEY SUCK!!!!

  6. Courtney

    Am I the only one who noticed that this movie sucks so hard that half of the names are pronounced incorrectly? I couldn’t watch the movie without getting annoyed off my ass every time the name “Aang, Sokka, or Iroh” was mentioned. The makeup on Zuko’s scar could’ve been a lot better. I didn’t even think he had a scar until I watched the movie a second time. Katara is a whiny little bitch in the movie, which is the complete opposite of what she really is in the show. We never got to see Sokka in a Kiyoski warrior dress! Why!?! And seriously, Aang’s playful personality and Sokka’s hilarious accusations were all taken away and beaten to death in the movie. Not a single time does Aang ask Katara to go penguin sledding with her. And also not a single time does something stupidly hilarious happen to Sokka. Sokka is too damn serious and Katara looks like she’s about to burst into tears whenever she opens her mouth.

    Did anyone else thought it would be absolutely fabulous if that cutscene in the beginning was a remake of the opening of every episode to the cartoon? Katara naming the elements and then the “Long ago, the four nations live together in harmony…” speech. I would’ve loved that. That would’ve gotten me immediately. Even more if they would just pronounce Aang’s name correctly… I’m still getting bone chills.

    And another thing about that beginning. WHAT CHILD KNOWS what the word “prosperity” means?
    Katara: A hundred years ago all was right with our world. Prosperity and peace filled our days.
    There are so many things wrong with those to sentences… And it’s the first thing said in the movie. You can tell from the beginning this movie will go to shit.

    Another point. DOES AANG REALLY NEED TO MAKE ALL OF THOSE HAND MOTIONS FOR A SIMPLE GUST OF WIND? I can do just as much breathing. In all honesty, you don’t need to have a 10 second session of unnecessary hand movements and feet dragging on dirt to make enough air currents to knock a man down. It’s completely unnecessary.

    Whether or not that bastard of a director even watched the cartoon enough is beyond me. It would have a much better review if he would watched the cartoon enough to have a better background on the characters, and, god forbid, correct name pronunciations.

  7. Dakota

    They couldn’t even get the names right! E-ro, uh-vatar, so-ka, Ong seriously! It’s like the names written by Tahno(LoK)! The barely had any bending and when they did, they did like 5min of dance moves before anything happened! Aang- sorry Ong was as serious as Zuko, Katara was like the Katara in the Ember Island Players, Sokka had too much ponytail and zero meat jokes, and Zuko looked like he had a bad sunburn!!! And poor uncle Iroh looked like a fricking pirate!!! M. Night Shamalanan didn’t even have any hope for Zutara or Kataang like the show did! Katara didn’t even loose her necklace!! I missed hearing “I’ll save you from the pirates.” I heard in the next movie Aang will be taught earthbending by Long Feng and Toph won’t even be in the movie! The might not even have the Kyoshi Warriors. At least the Legend of Korra movie might be directed by J.J Abrams(I heard rumors).

  8. avatar freak

    Dude you are so right I saw the start of the movie and stopped watching it straight away. My little sisters and I are a family of 3 (not including my parents) and we play avatar all the time and it is hard to stop playing it unless we get into a fight. We could do a way better job with just us. That movie is absolute junk and why is Zuko tanned and sokka and katara are pale oh and iroh looks so young.

  9. Hi. I love your post! Thank you for breaking down everything that was wrong with the film.. I have a further question though, is there any way I can speak with you via email? My friends and I are about to create a live action avatar fight between an Earth and Fire bender, and we would love all of the feedback regarding “correctness” as we can get… My email is included in this comment 😀 thank you!

  10. saiyanjedi

    I don’t think i would’ve hated it as much if they HAD KEPT THEIR PERSONALITIES AND PRONOUNCED THEIR NAMES! Seriously who names their kid Ong or earo? Aang should have been happier and energetic, Soak-ah (that’s how they said it) needed to be sarcastic and a bit rude. And now that you guys pointed it out, Katara was a whiny little girl in the whole movie! Again, this movie would have been half decent if we had better actors and pronounced their names right. “I wanted to stick with their asian names” HEY DUMMY! You do realize the show is american right?

  11. The ridiculous complaints I’ve heard about this movie are:

    “It’s not like the tv series” (or something like that)
    An adaptation doesn’t have to be like the original at all. All that matters is that it does good on it’s own.

    “Characters look nothing like the tv series”
    Oh Jeez it’s extremely important to hire people who look like-you know what, f**k it, this complaint is ridiculous! You don’t need to-forget it!

    “They don’t prounonuce the names right”
    The movie is obviously different than the tv series, (it’s a freaking adaptation) so it doesn’t matter how they pronounce the names.

    I just look at the movie by itself without comparing it to the tv series and it’s not THAT bad. Acting and dialouge suck, but it at least had an interesting story.

    • Toru

      I physically cringed at your comment.

      The movie is shit compared to the series, but it’s still bad on it’s own. The cast was whitewashed, which is jarring considering the diversity of race in the Last Airbender series, and…uh…”So it doesn’t matter how they pronounce the names.” Yep, that’s where I cringed. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. Here, imma let you in on a BIGGGGGGG secret; okay ready? Here it is.


      YES, you bet your sorry ASS it matters that the names are right; just because it’s an adaptation doesn’t give it a right to disrespect it’s source content and get everything down to the goddamn NAMES of the main cast wrong.

      Are you really so uneducated that you think that an adaptation is synonymous with ignoring the source material?

      And really? Your counter argument is to say fuck it, this is common sense, whatever. Um, no. Excuse me, I’d like to know what your bullshit reasoning is, thank you very much. You don’t look superior or more intelligent, you just look like you don’t understand the basics of discussion and argument. Go back to kindergarden and learn the fundementals before you make an fail at attempting to explain your opinion. Hey, here’s an idea! Let’s make Snape blonde! Harry doesn’t need glasses or a scar, and Ron can be black! Do you even realize how idiotic that sounds?

      The only argument that I can agree with you on is that an adaptation doesn’t have to be like the original source material. Yes, a movie should stand on it’s own merits, and most people understand that in order to fit the running time, they have to leave things out. People aren’t mad about that my friend; they’re pissed that this movie doesn’t even follow MAJOR aspects of the characters and story. It leaves out vital parts of the narrative to fit in more silly dancing (really? You call that BENDING? I thought they were jazzercising..) And lakes the charm and emotion of the original show.

      Look at the part where Aang tells the story of how he found out he was avatar; I dare you to find one iota of natural human emotion on the kid’s face. Or when Zuko talks about restoring his honor. Or when Katara is worries about loosing Aang. What about when Aang breaks down over loosing his whole way of life, his people? There’s so little emotion it made me want to get up and leave the theatre.

      In the end, the movie is NOTHING but blunt exposition; there’s no emotion and therefore nothing to keep a viewer invested, fan of the series or not.

      I hope you’re glad you’ve made yourself look like a damn fool by using bullshit reasoning and acting superior about your opinions.

  12. The long narration in the begining makes complete sense, I mean not everyone who watches this movie have seen the tv series. From the perspective of someone who never heard of the movie or tv series before, the long introduction is good because it explains to them what the setting and plot is. Jeez, look at this movie from the perspective of someone who DIDN’T watch the TV series.

    • Korra

      Then WATCH THE SERIES. The only people I’ve seen on here who like the movie haven’t seen the series at all, and all I can say to that is… well, your loss. If you don’t want to watch the series, continue to live in oblivion, but just know how much your missing out on.
      (Sorry if this comment is impolite, I’m in a bad mood right now.)

  13. tripleat1

    i literally didn’t even bother going to see it in the movie theater…..i tried to watch it on netflix……emphasis on tried.. i couldn’t get past the first 5 minutes…i call bullshit

  14. RedEagleShield

    for all the stupid comments, this film is an esoteric film. It is not meant for the profanes and cerfs to understand it. Our entertainment industry the one that we proudly own does not make always make films to entertain the sheep. _|_

  15. tony

    I recently watched it. The acting could have been better but for a kids movie it was ok. At least, it was watchable.

    M. Night Shyamalan is a good director. I don’t understand the hate he gets from obsessive movie buffs.

  16. knowledge100taster

    They made Katara a wimp when she should be strong,motherly, caring and hopeful, Zuko.. ehh, Sokka I just did not like at all and he’s my favorite character in the series, Iroh could be more funny. Everything was too timid for me. I think Shyamalan was going for graceful when the series was more intense and fierce.

  17. Krahe77

    you know that episode on the TV series where aang and Sokka and Katara meet those hippie river people and they go into the cave…At the very end of it, Sokka has a huge red hand print on his forehead because he kept slapping it? Yeah, that’s how I felt when I saw this movie and that’s how I feel about some of the comments made on how the movie isn’t that bad.

    TORU-I agree 100% with you on your post. Sorry I’m catching this a bit late.

    I’m going to go a bit further with what TORU said before–Think about all of the books that have been made into movies and think about all of the awesomeness of those movies–The Hobbit- Tolkien- The Lord of the Rings-Tolkien- Harry Potter–JK Rowlings, let’s not forget the more recent Hunger Games Trilogy.

    OK, so The Last Airbender isn’t based off of a book. However, the filmmakers on these other projects put their whole effort into making a story worth telling. M. Night has no excuse! Other people have set the bar too high and every filmmaker has a huge responsibility to set that bar higher, not aim for lower. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan or not, whether you have seen the series or not, you have a right when you spend money on going to the theater or buying/renting a DVD, that the storytelling is going to be awesome!

    This was clearly, even for an avid movie goer like me, a very sad representation of not only the series and the work of the creators of this series, but for shame on M. Night for making bad decisions and presenting this piece of mediocre film making! He was clearly not the right person for the job, and he should have built a team that would have made better decisions regarding the script. At this point, I feel, as a fan of the series, as much as other people, just cheated out of what should have been the baddest (in a good way), more than awesome, movie going experience ever!

  18. april

    Not a big deal pronouncing the names wrong? Are you kidding me?! It was so disturbing. Imagine if you will some other cartoon series if a movie was made pronouncing characters this way:

    Boogs bunny instead of bugs bunny
    Twi-lit sparkle vs twilight
    Mega-troon instead of Megatron
    Peder pain instead of peter pan

    How about comics:
    Supper man not super man
    Ohh here’s one, bait man instead of bat man. CMON!!

    Seriously you cant not expect outrage or at least confusion when you butcher pronunciation of people names that everyone is familiar with. Even if they hadn’t watched the show and are talking to someone who did the’ll look like a dumbass saying the names wrong! Why do that to people?

    • Korra

      Perfect example, April! I wasn’t able to come up with a good enough argument as to why I hate the name mispronunciation so much, but your comment nailed it. By the time I was finished reading it, I was laughing out loud!

  19. lara

    Ok I agree with everything you are saying except with the fact that you think a 12 year old doesn’t know what exterminate means but everything else I agree with strongly and I hate the fact that they changed the way they said his name ….. Uh I can’t even think about it

  20. June

    One of the things that really irritated me the most when it came to the elements was Shyamalan changing the source of firebending…I remember reading an interview where he basically said he didn’t want the Firebenders to be too “overpowered” and he felt it didn’t make sense that only the Firebenders could just bend fire out of nothing, hence why he changed the source of firebending and made Firebenders completely dependent on a physical external source. My problem with that is IF that’s so, then why on earth did the Hundred Year War last a hundred years? BECAUSE THE FIRE NATION WAS OVERPOWERED AND BASICALLY UNSTOPPABLE !! Fire was the only element that was not only deadly, but could basically be bended WITHOUT a physical external source whereas water and earth mostly needed one – that’s what made the Fire Nation dangerous and most of all, unstoppable BECAUSE of their unlimited source (like airbending but the genocide happened so no airbenders left except for Aang)… AND if Shyamalan really did watch the series fully, he would understand that the source of firebending was from the Sun (combined with their chi within) – this was made very VERY clear how important the Sun was as a source of firebending WHEN Zuko said “you rise with the moon, I RISE with the SUN” …heck, the solar eclipse negating their ability to firebend made it extremely obvious how important the Sun was LOL…didn’t make sense my arse, he didn’t fully watch the series nor paid attention (-.-)

    My other gripes with the movie:

    -A lot of exposition
    -The lack of emotion in the acting along with the awkward pauses and out of place lines
    -All the character’s personalities: basically non-existent
    -A LOT of characters and events that were skipped over THAT WERE VITAL to the storyline now and later!! WHERE THE HELL IS ROKU?! NO CABBAGE MAN?? WTF
    -Earthbenders having their spirits broken when they’re imprisoned in an EARTH prison (-.-) …ridiculous…metal I understand but EARTH?!
    -Bending really sucks…right now, for some reason I’m imagining Ming-Hua (LOK) and Azula slaughtering everybody while laughing LOL
    -Pronounciation of the names!! If it’s pronounced a certain way in the source material, PRONOUNCE IT THAT WAY !! IT’S AN ESTABLISHED PROPER NOUN IN THE SERIES GODDAMNNIT!! Basically no respect for the source material whatsoever!
    -Aang able to go into the Avatar State BY his own will at the end completely blindsided me since the Avatar State was ONE of the major struggles of his storyline later on but nope!

    If Shyamalan was thinking of continuing with a sequel(thank god he’s not!!), he basically screwed everything up already…I couldn’t imagine how he would mess up Toph or Azula (o,o)… I’m just happy Mike and Bryan don’t have to watch their baby (as they called it) wrecked any further …

  21. Teason

    This was the BEST screen rant ever! I agree 110% with EVERYTHING! I was so gutted when I watched this movie. Everything I loved about the TV series was destroyed!!!

    A+ for this one!

  22. Wubbalubba

    They dont even pronounce Aang’s name properly..
    The actors obviously dont know how to spell if they cant even SAY the MAIN character’s name in the film. They had cut out important scenes and dialogue such as the Avatar State.
    If anyone else enjoyed it, then glad you had spend your money in good health.
    But personally, I say that they shouldnt have made this movie in the first place.

  23. Lakaya phillips

    Omg i so agree with all of you. he is so the worst. this movie sucked good thing i got it on bootleg so i didn’t have to rip my eyeballs out at the movie theater..

  24. Dan

    Just so you all know this was a kids movie for ages 7-12 if you put yourself in a 7 year olds head this movie is decent and actually captured several young minds the problem with these reviews is that they are all done by adults. I can tell you right now that Dora the Explorer is retarded and we all know it is but that still doesn’t mean it’s not captivating to our youth. Think of the kids before judging such a film. Anyone that thinks this was a bad film makes me sick. Take a child survey, I did and out of 1000 kids everyone of them liked this concept regardless seeing the TV series or not. Stop being such fools people.

    • June

      “Anyone that thinks this was a bad film makes me sick”
      “Think of the kids before judging such a film”

      So, what you’re saying is since the movie was “for kids”, it’s okay for it to be bad and that we have no right to criticize how poorly done it was…Okay, just so you know, ATLA the show was for kids too and it was still better than the movie in every aspect – storytelling, world-building, character development, charm, everything. This movie was one huge boring exposition after another, with no soul and charm to it at all. So I call bullshit and honestly, it was pretty condescending of you to say that, because god forbid we’re not allowed to judge the movie and conclude that it was a pile of garbage. Compared to ATLA, it was horrendous. On its own merit, it was still bad as a movie. We have the right to criticize it. Also, you seem to forget that a large portion of fans who hated the movie at the time were kids too. Ya know, kids that were huge fans of the show and had to see their favorite show recreated into a hot mess onscreen? Yeah, I was one of them and I’m sure I’m not alone on that as well. So sorry(!) if we’re fools for thinking or criticizing a poorly done childhood crushing adaption of our favorite show.

      The really funny thing is, while ATLA was originally geared towards kids, the show didn’t talk down to its target audience like the movie did (or like many other children’s shows do). The show trusted its audience to follow multiple story/character arcs and to handle serious subject matter. The show basically respected our intelligence. Then you compare it to the movie where it threw a bunch of exposition at us like we’re too stupid to understand what’s going on.

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