Gandalf Beard Appreciation Post

Gandalf beard in progress

Gandalf beard in progress

I mentioned in my previous post on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Musical that I made a Gandalf beard to add to my collection of homemade Hobbit-inspired dwarf beards, but I wanted to give the Gandalf beard its own post since the other dwarf beards got one.

I made it very similarly to the dwarf beards, but I had to tie the mustache to the side (and then hide the fact that it was tied with more “hair” on top) so that it wouldn’t fall into the wearer’s mouth.  Most of the dwarves had braided mustaches so I was able to keep the hair out of the way by pulling it into braids on them.

When I added the hair on top, I tied it to the side in a similar way to the mustache so it wouldn’t fall in the wearer’s eyes.  You can see the knots on the part pretty easily, but I knew they would be covered by a hat so I wasn’t too worried about it.


Completed Gandalf beard

Completed Gandalf beard

Gandalf beard

Gandalf beard

And here’s the actor in his test fitting, wearing his stilts so he’s towering above the doorframe in the background.  Not wearing his hat here, but it still looks pretty great, I think!  You can see him in full-Gandalf garb in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Musical that I posted about earlier.

Gandalf beard in action

Gandalf beard in action


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