Party-Planning Anne of Green Gables

When you want to have an Anne of Green Gables party, (because it is of course when, not if), here are my suggestions for elements that you can include, based on recent parties I’ve organized for myself and some of my friends. First of all, PUFFED SLEEVES!  Don’t let Marilla tell you that it’s a waste of fabric. You know watching Anne recite “The Highwayman” at the White Sands hotel and Gilbert lead the standing ovation afterward will be way more fun if you and your friends are wearing giant puffy sleeves while you watch it.  My easy, no-sew tutorial video for sleeves that you can pop on over any outfit is below, (filmed & edited by Bianca Brown–thanks, lady!). The elastic should keep the sleeves on well enough for movie-watching, but if you’re going to be wearing them while being more active, such as three-legged-racing with your new bosom friend or climbing onto roofs to walk ridgepoles on a dare, you may want to use a safety pin or two to hold them in place.

As for non-sleeve apparel, I recommend pearls in honor of Matthew.  Depending on the ages of your invitees, you can get pre-made necklaces, or just pearl beads that can be strung together as an activity.  I mean, it’s a safer activity than bashing slates over each others heads, right?



Hair can be braided into pigtails like Anne wears when she first comes to Green Gables, or, if you’re ambitious, you can try this Anne of Green Gables Hairstyle Tutorial or this slightly less complicated one, or this fairly simple twist updo if you want to skip all that back-combing.  To take your hair cosplay up a notch, get some temporary spray-on hair color from a costume store: orange, if you want to be everyday Anne, or green, if you want to be tragic-dye-mishap-Anne-on-the-day-she-met-the-peddler-on-the-road.  And if your hair is too dark to effectively use spray-on coloring?  You’re Diana, with beautiful raven tresses!


Pearls, Puffed Sleeves, and Pigtails!


Not everyone has to wear puffed sleeves.  These boys decided to cosplay as “Matthew, dressed up on his way to pick up Anne from the station,” and Gilbert Blythe

Obviously the only thing to drink at an Anne of Green Gables party is Raspberry Cordial.  I mixed Cran-Raspberry juice with Sprite, to make the ‘cordial’ I served at a recent Anne party.  If your guests are more mature (and responsible enough not to drink three glasses in a row and then stumble home, DIANA!) you can add vodka.  Or, see if you can find a berry-flavored wine.

FullSizeRender (1)

Though there isn’t really anything specifically about tea parties in Anne’s story, except for perhaps when she does invite Diana over for that fateful raspberry cordial visit, it’s just super fun to eat and drink from dainty dishes.   I found a set of tiny serving bowls, spoons, and forks that were supposed to be for appetizers and used those to serve snacks for my guests.  If you have a tea set, you could use that as well.  You can serve mini-sized candies, fruits and veggies cut into small pieces, small pastries, pumpkin or banana bread cut into small cubes, cheese cubes, or small crackers, for example.  Of course if you really want to be thematic you can make plum pudding and sauce, and then yell “DON’T EAT IT, MISS STACY!” whenever your guests try to take a bite.  Or, make a snack that incorporates brown sugar, and say that you’re just trying to help Marilla use up some of the 20 pounds that Matthew bought.



Carrots! You can’t get much more Anne-themed than that.


This “raspberry cordial” was a mixture of cran-raspberry juice and sprite, (no alcohol!)



I hope this post has given you plenty of “scope for the imagination” so you can throw your own Anne-party.  Let me know in the comments if you have more ideas!


Three cheers for Anne Shirley, winner of the Avery!  (Note the movie in the background)




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4 responses to “Party-Planning Anne of Green Gables

  1. I made the infamous liniment layer cake on my blog a while ago! Except I used vanilla…

  2. You will not be surprised by how impressed I am with this party. Puffed sleeves… the puffiest in the world! I have so many things I’ve bought because they remind me of Anne – a blue checked dress (alas, sleeveless) straw hats, lacy cushions and floral fripperies of all sorts. I used to be able to buy raspberry cordial from Marks and Spencer (one of the big British chains) but alas, they don’t seem to make it any more. No matter, though, I’ve made it myself and very delicious it is too! (white rum or vodka optional extra! :D) Other Anne-related food that comes to mind: apples, plum jam, and of course the liniment cake (although I tend to find vanilla is a better flavour) maybe all served up on a Willow-Pattern platter! 😀

  3. Maribeth

    Found this looking for a no-sew puff sleeved tutorial to add sleeves to a steampunk costume I’ll be wearing on March 2 for the Running of the Reindeer at the Anchorage Fur Rondezvous festival. Will try to send you a pic if successful!

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