Party-Planning “Beauty and the Beast”

I am excited to see the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast later this week, and have come up with the perfect cookies to celebrate the occasion.

cropped white plate

They’re both pretty simple to make, but decorating the roses (and baking the sugar cookies) takes a bit longer than the Beasts.

The Beast is a standard rice crispy cookie, but with peanut butter added.  After you melt the butter, marshmallows, and peanut butter and mix in the cereal, wash and butter your hands and make Beast-sized blobs on wax paper. Squeeze two dabs of chocolate frosting onto the cookie to affix the horns–I used caramel Bugles but if you can find chocolate ones or have time to dip regular Bugles into melted chocolate almond bark and let it harden, that would be even better. Use chocolate frosting for the shaggy mane and beast-y nose, and white frosting for the tiny little fangs (which are my favorite part–so cute!) If you don’t have fancy frosting bags, it’s not a big deal–I literally cut the tip off a corner of a Ziploc bag to make the fangs.

One of the best things about this snack is it almost doesn’t matter at all how much you mess it up–it’s a Beast, so, the uglier the better! My bag of Bugles turned out to be mostly crushed so not all of the horns have tips. I’m just rolling with the theory that those are either Beasts with only a few petals left on their enchanted rose or they’re ones who got a particularly nasty version of the enchantress’s curse.


Speaking of enchanted roses, I made those out of a regular sugar cookie with a slight modification on a bell cookie cutter. It’s a pretty popular Christmas shape so you might have one laying around, like I did. Just cut off the clapper at the bottom before baking and voila, it is now the shape of a glass case covering a glass plate with a suspended rose inside! I used the same cheap bag method to frost the roses, and outlined the glass cover with white as well.

You can add sugar sprinkles if you have them for an extra aura of magic, and vary the stages of your roses, from full bloom to almost all the petals having fallen:


Final tip: I’m not sure whether it’s absolutely necessary, but I listened to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack the entire time I was decorating these cookies and I do recommend it. 😉


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    You’re blog so fun and different. Are you on any social media? x

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