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My 2019 “Be More Sustainable” Goal in Review

Last year I set a goal to “Be More Sustainable”, and while I hope to continue the habits I developed beyond 2019, I thought it would be fitting to follow up on my post announcing my goal a year ago to share how my plans manifested, what was easy and what was more challenging. Continue reading

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2019 Goal: Be More Sustainable

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, instead I set goals for the year. I try to make them attainable, so I can get that sense of satisfaction checking things off as I accomplish them and not feel by any certain month like I’ve already failed. For 2019, besides my specific goals in various categories (fitness, financial, personal enrichment and project completion) I’m adding an overall goal for the year that I’m going to try to incorporate into multiple aspects of my life: Be More Sustainable. While I am focusing on this goal for the year of 2019, I do intend to maintain the new practices and habits I adopt permanently going forward.

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There is already plenty of evidence that we need to act now to mitigate the disastrous effects of climate change we are rapidly approaching as a planet if we stay on our current course. While it is true that we need large, systemic changes, bigger than one person can achieve by themselves, it is also true that individual actions and choices do have an impact. I’m blogging about this in part to keep myself accountable to follow through on this goal, (and possibly blog about my progress throughout the year), but also in the hopes that it may inspire others to consider what small actions they can change to help save the literal world. Continue reading

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