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Catching Fire Hair

(Doesn’t that title sound like somebody’s head is on fire? Haha.)  Well, production on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has begun and we have some paparazzi photos of the actors in costume on set.  Just wanted to point out that it looks like Katniss’ hair is styled in pretty much the same braid as the first film, so my previous posts on trying to figure that braid out are still relevant.  **SPOILER ALERT** I do wonder how they will handle her hair (as well as everybody else’s) since it should get wet when she has to swim in the 75th Annual Hunger Games arena.  Are they going to show her re-braiding it, is it going to stay disheveled, or is it going to magically revert to looking more polished a scene or two after they emerge from the sea?  We shall see….**END SPOILER**

The other character whose hair has me interested is Enobaria, a career tribute from District 2.  It looks like it’s three braids on top and then a ponytail, with some hair wrapped around the ponytail holder to hide it.  It looks cool, a lot cooler than the blonde woman’s in this photo, (who I assume is Cashmere, the tribute from District 1).  Her hair is styled, but so boring and stereotypical.  Maybe I’m partially biased because I like to wear braids more myself, they look cool and they keep your hair out of the way and you don’t always have to straighten or curl your hair beforehand.

Enobaria is in the top center.

And one more pic–not that I really care about his hair, but here’s a shirtless Finnick on set.  So…that looks good, too…

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The Katniss Braid: Screenshots

Now that the DVD is out and I have been able to pause and closely analyze Katniss’ side-braid in as many shots as possible, I would like to revise my hypothesis about there being three distinct braid styles in the Hunger Games movie.  I think it’s really just two, the District 12 braid (that Katniss styles herself, so when she’s in the Games her hair reverts to this by day 3 or so), and the Tribute Training/Arena braid that her stylist team does for her.  When she’s entering the Arena, it does look like the fanciest, most elaborate version, but I think it’s the same as when she’s training, it’s just the training room is pretty dark so we never get a great look at it.  When she walks in the sunlight to get on the Arena-bound hovercraft you can really see the intricate twists on the back of her head.

So, as mentioned earlier, her basic hairstyle is a dutch braid that starts on the left side of her head and hangs over her right shoulder.  The braid wraps low around the base of her hairline on her neck.  When she styles it herself, that’s all it is, and her right ear is covered by the hair going straight down her head into the braid.  This is what most of the youtube tutorials end up with, too.

When Katniss goes to the Capital and is in the hands of professional stylists, her has has a bit more texture.  (I mean when the character is in the hands of professional stylists; obviously Jennifer Lawrence had stylists for the entire movie, but I think they did a pretty good job of making her look fairly believable for the character’s changing situation and resources).  This youtube video, with input from Linda Flowers, the lead stylist on set, shows how to get the texture for those top strands that twist into the braid.  The tutorial does end with the hair on the right side of the head covering the ear, though, and when Katniss is Tribute Training the hair on her right side is actually pulled back away from her ear.

I *think* there is actually a small braid made from some of the hair on the right side of the head that then joins the larger braid.  (Another blog thought so too, although they reversed the direction of the braid.)  I didn’t catch a glimpse of the smaller braid until I saw the film on the big screen, and I’m not positive in some of these shots if it is a braid or a twist.

When Katniss and Peeta are eating in their suite after a day of training, she has her hair down except for a small braid, which I thought might be evidence for my theory until I noticed it’s hanging on the wrong side of her head…still, it could just be flipped to that side, or an entirely separate braid created by her stylist team, or a continuity error.

I still think the Tribute Training/Entering Arena braid also starts higher on the left side of her head here than when she is in District 12 (or days into the Arena).

  Here is a compilation of images of Katniss’ hair just before she enters the Arena, to give you an idea of what the braid looks like from all sides.  They are all from the same scene, (when she’s talking to Haymitch.)


Honestly, when her hair is its most elaborate braid, it’s sometimes kind of a mess in the back:

I haven’t been able to try the braid on my own head lately because I cut 10″ off several months ago to donate, but maybe by the time Catching Fire comes out it’ll be long enough to try again.  The other thing that complicates trying to replicate this look exactly is that Katniss has shorter pieces of hair in front that frame her face, so if your hair is all long it will actually stay in the braids better and longer than hers does but you won’t look quite like her.  Anyway, hope this is helpful to those of you wanting to have Katniss hair.

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More Katniss Hair

“Capitol TV” just released an exclusive clip from The Hunger Games.  I continue to be impressed with the spot-on marketing job that Lionsgate (or is it Lionsgate/Summit now?) has been doing for this film.  Of course there was never a question of whether I would see it or not, but I’m still really enjoying the way they are doing so much with a Capitol flavor, playing right into the atmosphere of the book.  Like these ads, for example.

I bought tickets for myself and my friends the day they went on sale, and I’ve started planning themed activities to keep ourselves occupied (and psyched) while we wait in line for the midnight showing.  The other part of my preparations, as mentioned earlier, involves trying to figure out how to braid my hair like Katniss wears hers in the movie.  (That’s the extent of my costume for this one.  But I fully intend to go a little more elaborate for The Hobbit in December.  I’m thinking Elf ears.)

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to all the glimpses of Katniss’s hair that we’ve seen in the trailers and spots released so far.  I’ve also sifted through many of the Katniss hair tutorials on youtube, and I’ve concluded that none of them are quite accurate.  (At least not as of this writing).  And my last post on the subject is misleading as well.  I think some of the confusion is because there are three variations on the side-braid that she wears at different points during of the story.  (But all of the variations start on her left and end over her right shoulder, so, come on youtube hairstylists, that’s a pretty basic detail to get right.)

The three variations on her basic hairstyle could be categorized as District 12 Braid, Tribute Training Braid, and Arena Braid.  She won’t really have Arena Braid the entire time she’s in the arena, though; it’s the fanciest version of the hairstyle and it’s what she wears when she first enters the deadly game, but shots from later scenes show she has reverted to District 12 Braid.  This makes total sense and is in line with the book, in which she talks about re-braiding her hair in the arena.  And of course she would braid it the same way she always had at home.  Also, Arena Braid is difficult.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to pull it off, so I’ll probably settle for the Training Braid.

All three are Dutch braids, which just means you put each strand under instead of over the others as you braid.  You still add hair to the three strands as you go like you do for a French braid.

District 12 Braid is the most simple.  It starts fairly low on the left side of her head and stays low across the back of her head.  Her hair is basically parted down the middle and falls down into the braid rather than being pulled back into it.

Notice the braid starts about even with her ear, maybe a little lower (hard to judge at this angle)

The Tribute Training Braid starts a bit higher up on the left side of her head, and the braid goes at a diagonal  angle across the back of her head instead of tracing around the nape of her neck.  (This is basically the style that most of the youtube tutorials follow).  The hair on the right side of the head is not simply pulled back into the braid, it is twisted a bit.  At least it appears to be twisted in two places, (see final two pics in this set).  Some of these are from the clip above.  Looking at other pictures that have been released, braids seem to be a fairly popular (mandatory?) hairstyle for female tributes in training.

Finally, the Arena Braid is the most elaborate version, with a small braid starting near the crown of the head and curving around rather than going in a straight diagonal line.  The strands from the right side of the head are all twisted a bit and it looks very pretty; you can see it best when she is ascending in the tube to the arena.

Later in the arena, like in the scenes from the first teaser trailer we saw, her hair is much more disheveled and resembles her originalDistrict 12 Braid, falling down from a middle part and not pulled or twisted back.

She's got her black arena jacket and silver arrows here, if you need proof that it isn't just a shot of her in the woods back home.

I think this is a kill shot. If you've read the books it's pretty obvious what this scene must be, (Katniss running into a clearing and immediately loosing an arrow).

Of course I’m completely leaving out Katniss’s reaping hairstyle, (which I would say is basically her side braid pinned over on top of itself,) and the Girl on Fire hair, (which is too elaborate for me to even attempt and looks like it involves clip-ons of extra hair anyway.)


**update** having seen the film, i noticed that her Arena Braid actually includes a small separate braid on the right side of her head, that i labeled in the pictures above as a twist, that is incorporated into the larger braid at the bottom.


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Katniss Hair

We got a new Hunger Games picture yesterday that had me very excited–because it’s the best view so far of Katniss’ hair.  I’ve been trying to figure our her side-braid for months now.  I want to be able to make it look just right on myself when I go to the midnight screening.  And I’m aiming for the fancier version of the side-braid that Cinna gives her; the way she styles it herself in District 12 is easier and plainer.

District 12 hair: parted in the middle, going down into the braid.

Katniss’ Arena-hair goes sideways across her head more instead of just straight down.  And it starts in a smaller braid, which we hadn’t had a clear view of until this new picture:

Cinna with Katniss, just before she enters the deadly Arena.

See how it sort of swoops across the back of her head?  You can see it in one of posters, too.  The way the braid sits out on the head a bit and the way the strands joining in are still distinct makes me think it’s more of a Dutch-style braid than French.

I hope this new picture helps me perfect the look.   (Has anybody else already figured it out?  Do you have any tips?) And if I get overly ambitious, I could always try for the Girl on Fire hairstyle.

**update**  Here’s another new picture of the back of her side-braid from the back:


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