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More Katniss Hair

“Capitol TV” just released an exclusive clip from The Hunger Games.  I continue to be impressed with the spot-on marketing job that Lionsgate (or is it Lionsgate/Summit now?) has been doing for this film.  Of course there was never a question of whether I would see it or not, but I’m still really enjoying the way they are doing so much with a Capitol flavor, playing right into the atmosphere of the book.  Like these ads, for example.

I bought tickets for myself and my friends the day they went on sale, and I’ve started planning themed activities to keep ourselves occupied (and psyched) while we wait in line for the midnight showing.  The other part of my preparations, as mentioned earlier, involves trying to figure out how to braid my hair like Katniss wears hers in the movie.  (That’s the extent of my costume for this one.  But I fully intend to go a little more elaborate for The Hobbit in December.  I’m thinking Elf ears.)

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to all the glimpses of Katniss’s hair that we’ve seen in the trailers and spots released so far.  I’ve also sifted through many of the Katniss hair tutorials on youtube, and I’ve concluded that none of them are quite accurate.  (At least not as of this writing).  And my last post on the subject is misleading as well.  I think some of the confusion is because there are three variations on the side-braid that she wears at different points during of the story.  (But all of the variations start on her left and end over her right shoulder, so, come on youtube hairstylists, that’s a pretty basic detail to get right.)

The three variations on her basic hairstyle could be categorized as District 12 Braid, Tribute Training Braid, and Arena Braid.  She won’t really have Arena Braid the entire time she’s in the arena, though; it’s the fanciest version of the hairstyle and it’s what she wears when she first enters the deadly game, but shots from later scenes show she has reverted to District 12 Braid.  This makes total sense and is in line with the book, in which she talks about re-braiding her hair in the arena.  And of course she would braid it the same way she always had at home.  Also, Arena Braid is difficult.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to pull it off, so I’ll probably settle for the Training Braid.

All three are Dutch braids, which just means you put each strand under instead of over the others as you braid.  You still add hair to the three strands as you go like you do for a French braid.

District 12 Braid is the most simple.  It starts fairly low on the left side of her head and stays low across the back of her head.  Her hair is basically parted down the middle and falls down into the braid rather than being pulled back into it.

Notice the braid starts about even with her ear, maybe a little lower (hard to judge at this angle)

The Tribute Training Braid starts a bit higher up on the left side of her head, and the braid goes at a diagonal  angle across the back of her head instead of tracing around the nape of her neck.  (This is basically the style that most of the youtube tutorials follow).  The hair on the right side of the head is not simply pulled back into the braid, it is twisted a bit.  At least it appears to be twisted in two places, (see final two pics in this set).  Some of these are from the clip above.  Looking at other pictures that have been released, braids seem to be a fairly popular (mandatory?) hairstyle for female tributes in training.

Finally, the Arena Braid is the most elaborate version, with a small braid starting near the crown of the head and curving around rather than going in a straight diagonal line.  The strands from the right side of the head are all twisted a bit and it looks very pretty; you can see it best when she is ascending in the tube to the arena.

Later in the arena, like in the scenes from the first teaser trailer we saw, her hair is much more disheveled and resembles her originalDistrict 12 Braid, falling down from a middle part and not pulled or twisted back.

She's got her black arena jacket and silver arrows here, if you need proof that it isn't just a shot of her in the woods back home.

I think this is a kill shot. If you've read the books it's pretty obvious what this scene must be, (Katniss running into a clearing and immediately loosing an arrow).

Of course I’m completely leaving out Katniss’s reaping hairstyle, (which I would say is basically her side braid pinned over on top of itself,) and the Girl on Fire hair, (which is too elaborate for me to even attempt and looks like it involves clip-ons of extra hair anyway.)


**update** having seen the film, i noticed that her Arena Braid actually includes a small separate braid on the right side of her head, that i labeled in the pictures above as a twist, that is incorporated into the larger braid at the bottom.



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Katniss Hair

We got a new Hunger Games picture yesterday that had me very excited–because it’s the best view so far of Katniss’ hair.  I’ve been trying to figure our her side-braid for months now.  I want to be able to make it look just right on myself when I go to the midnight screening.  And I’m aiming for the fancier version of the side-braid that Cinna gives her; the way she styles it herself in District 12 is easier and plainer.

District 12 hair: parted in the middle, going down into the braid.

Katniss’ Arena-hair goes sideways across her head more instead of just straight down.  And it starts in a smaller braid, which we hadn’t had a clear view of until this new picture:

Cinna with Katniss, just before she enters the deadly Arena.

See how it sort of swoops across the back of her head?  You can see it in one of posters, too.  The way the braid sits out on the head a bit and the way the strands joining in are still distinct makes me think it’s more of a Dutch-style braid than French.

I hope this new picture helps me perfect the look.   (Has anybody else already figured it out?  Do you have any tips?) And if I get overly ambitious, I could always try for the Girl on Fire hairstyle.

**update**  Here’s another new picture of the back of her side-braid from the back:


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Girl on Fire

EW just released a new pic from the upcoming Hunger Games movie.  It’s Cinna preparing to light the District 12 tributes’ costumes on fire for the opening ceremonies of the 74th annual Games.  It. Looks. Fantastic!  Best I’ve seen of Josh Hutcherson as Peeta so far.  (I’m still worried he won’t be good enough).  But these costumes–they’re perfect!



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Hunger Games Trailer Is Amazing

It’s finally here!  We’ve been waiting for so long to see an official trailer for the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collin’s “The Hunger Games,” and this morning it finally arrived.  Premiering on Good Morning America with an appearance by Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta, the trailer is already online as well.

And it. is. amazing!

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss is PERFECT, as I knew she would be.  I love what they included of the Reaping, (the ceremony where the tributes are selected), because it made me cry and reminded me of the part in Mockingjay when the PR team in District 13 is trying to think of what made people love Katniss to begin with, what moments were best to remind people of or re-create in order to exploit that attachment and admiration of her.  Someone mentions that when she sacrificed herself for Prim, when she volunteered in her place, that it was a very powerful moment.  (Sorry, I can’t look up the exact quote because I lent my copy out to a friend).  It is incredibly moving to see the way Katniss screams in desperation, as the guards hold her back while Prim walks towards her doom, “I VOLUNTEER!”  That little clip perfectly encapsulates Katniss’s situation.

Katniss volunteers as Tribute in her sister's place, (and I cry my eyes out at this part every single time).

I guess the trailer didn’t actually indicate that Katniss is the sole breadwinner for her family, that her father is dead, that she must survive the Games in order to continue taking care of her sister and her unstable mother, but the goal of survival is secondary to her goal of protecting Prim.  And they did include that line, when Katniss and Peeta are on the roof, and he says he wants to “think of a way to show them that they don’t own me.  If I’m gonna die, I wanna still be me.” (!!! fanTASTIC line by the way, great decision to include it, one of the reasons we all love Peeta so much, he is so good!)  Katniss replies, “I just can’t afford to think like that.”  So we do get the sense that Katniss, although she volunteers for the Hunger Games because it is her only option, is going to fight to survive, and may be willing to do whatever it takes to win, whereas Peeta is fighting too, but for a different cause.  (He’s so noble!  I can’t stand it!)

Peeta says, "I just keep wishin' I could think of a way to show them that they don't own me. If I'm gonna die, I wanna still be me."

It’s perfect, I tell you, this trailer is perfect!  It sets everything up excellently, and it doesn’t betray a single character.  Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket is terrific.  Her overly cheerful and colorful “Welcome, welcome!” when everyone in the crowd is depressed and drab, the fancy flourishes of her hands.  Did you see the way she waves Peeta up on stage so ridiculously, like he’s five, coming to get a prize and not a death sentence?  What a bitch!  Perfect.

I have watched it maybe six or seven nine twelve nineteen times now.  I keep pausing in the middle of writing paragraphs to re-watch it.  The music is great too, I think.  It’s haunting, and it doesn’t sound too modern.  I mean I know this story is set in the future, but most of the districts are actually deprived of the technological advances that exist.  The music sounds a lot more District 12-y than Capital-y.  The music for this trailer ends the same way that the teaser trailer did, by the way, with a Mockingjay whistling Rue’s song.

There are so many more things that I want to see, (like more Haymitch, and Katniss’s mom, and Peeta being the Boy with the Bread, and a lot more of Cinna, and the beauty team, and more of the stuff that happens in the Arena, especially the cave),  but what was included was all really good.  I mean we really hadn’t seen anything except some shots of the filming of the Reaping, and the eight character posters that were released a couple weeks ago.  Oh, and the teaser trailer, but that was just Katniss.  I’m definitely convinced now that Josh Hutcherson is going to make an excellent Peeta, even though they didn’t really let him shine in this trailer.  Everything they showed of him was great, I’m just saying they didn’t develop his character in this two minute, thirty-six second trailer as much as they did Katniss’s.  Which is fine.  Because I know they will in the movie.  (Is it March yet?!)

The boy from District 12 looks out as he arrives in the wealthy Capital in awe.

Okay.  Getting a little more book-nerd with it, did you notice the actual “girl on fire” part?  I think this is the entrance parade of the Tributes, and we see Katniss, in the pyrotechnic dress that Cinna designed for her, projected on a large screen to viewers in the Capital, and then it pans back and we see two Capital dwellers watching the show with their little blue drinks and tiny iPod-ish screen, right?

The Girl on Fire

Also, towards the end we see the District 12 salute.  Katniss appears to be sending a shout-out to her District from the Arena, and the crowd watching at home responds with the same gesture.  In the book, they do this when she volunteers at the Reaping, and Katniss does it in the Arena when an ally dies.  But this looks like the very beginning of the Games, before the buzzer goes off, when each contestant is standing on their little circle.  She’s pretty unscathed, and it’s too grassy to be the forest death scene I’m thinking of.  Or, I don’t know, maybe she’s doing a farewell to the body as it’s taken away by the helicopter, and then the shot of District 12 doing it too is actually from the Reaping?  (If so I think that’s the only clip in this trailer from the second half of the movie.  Everything else is before the Games or the first few seconds of the 74th Annual Game itself).  I think it’s an interesting way to include the sorts of scenes we didn’t get to see from Katniss’s narration, (like people watching the Games and reacting back home, or in the Capital).

The District 12 salute.

Here’s the description of the first use of this symbol in the book:

Then something unexpected happens.  At least, I don’t expect it because I don’t think of District 12 as a place that cares about me.  But a shift has occurred since I stepped up to take Prim’s place, and now it seems I have become something precious.  At first one, then another, then almost every member of the crowd touches the three middle fingers of their left hand to their lips and holds it out to me.  It is an old and rarely used gesture of our district, occasionally seen at funerals.  It means thanks, it means admiration, it means good-bye to someone you love.

I thought the styling of the Capital characters was spot-on.  I saw someone with pinkish, reddish skin in one quick shot.  I loved the swirls in the head Gamemaker’s facial hair.  I liked the shot of the Capital we saw, nestled in the mountains of what used to be Colorado.  I loved the ornateness of it all.  It’s perfect.  This looks like it’s going to be an incredibly faithful adaptation.  Hooray!

Oh, and it looks like they’ve included the scene where the red-headed girl trying to escape the Capital is captured by the pursuing aircraft in the woods outside of District 12.  In the books, this is a flash-back that Katniss remembers when she sees the same girl serving as her Avox, (a servant who’s tongue has been cut out so they are literally “without voice”),  in the Capital.  But it’s a good change to make this actually happen at the beginning of the film rather than as a flashback to sometime before the main narrative, because it won’t disrupt the flow of action as much, and it will give a little more time on screen to develop Gale and Katniss’s relationship.

If you haven’t read this book series yet, why the hell not?!  Get cracking.  You have until March 23, 2012.  It’s amazing.  And may the odds be ever in your favor!


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Eight Hunger Games Posters

I really wanted to make a pun in the title about hunger and eight-ate, but I couldn’t think of a good one.

So, yesterday Lionsgate released eight character posters for the Hunger Games movie (which is scheduled for a March 2012 release date.  March 23, I think?)  I’m not going to repost all the pictures here, at least not right now, because they’re everywhere and also I don’t have time to download and caption them all right now.  You can easily google them I’m sure, or you can see them all collected here.

My thoughts: I kind of like how overly-airbrushed their skin is.  I mean they look almost like plastic dolls, but it’s kind of great because that’s totally how the Capital would market their tributes!  That was certainly one of the traits of the rotting society’s elite, that they were overly obsessed with superficial appearances and the first thing that happened to newly selected tributes was that they got a makeover.  Looking at Katniss, Peeta, Rue, and Cato’s posters make me believe I’m seeing something very close to what the Capital would have produced to promote their 74th annual Hunger Games.

Of course, not all of the character posters released were actually tributes.  I expected to see Gale, it totally makes sense to see one of Effie and Cinna (I forgot they cast Lenny Kravitz as Cinna!  I think he looks pretty good, he’s styled right for the character anyway), and then there’s Haymitch.  He looks great, too.   I think it’s a little strange that we got a Cato poster and not a Prim one, because I consider her a much more important character.  She influences Katniss’ motivations and actions in a crucial way, but screen-time-wise I guess I can concede that Cato will be featured more than Prim in the movie adaptation of this story.  We won’t be inside Katniss’ head as much, hearing her think about Prim.  And surely Prim will be featured on a poster yet to come.

Rue’s poster is my least favorite.  I don’t like how her shoulders are pushed so far back so her chest sticks out.  It’s how I imagine the Capital would want her to pose, to seem more womanly and attractive, but she’s just a little girl.  She should posed more innocently.  Maybe that’s what they were going for with the downcast eyes, innocent and vulnerable?  She’s the only one not looking straight forward in this set.  But in the books, Rue doesn’t shy away from the challenge of competing against kids that are bigger and stronger than her, she is resourceful and determined.  I don’t picture her looking down.  I think it’s going to take away from her character if the movie makes her weaker in order to make Katniss look more heroic in her protection of her.

My sister pointed out to me that Katniss is facing the opposite way from everyone else, which is fabulous because of course she is a rebel, going against the grain, turning all of Panem down a new path.  PLEASE let us see a real trailer, soon!

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“The Hunger Games” teaser trailer

Finally we got our first glimpse of live action from The Hunger Games movie, (coming to theaters this March), and we still haven’t seen Peeta in action!  He’s the part I’m most worried about.  I know Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss will be great.  And she does look great in this teeny tiny, very unsatisfying (but very teaser-y, making-you-want-more so mission accomplished) clip.  Here’s the Lionsgate official HD version from youtube:

The voice-over is Gale.  Not direct lines from the book.  I assume these lines are from Gale’s “goodbye, you’re going to the Hunger Games, I hope you survive, I-don’t-seem-to-have-time-to-tell-you-that-I’m-in-love-with-you” speech to Katniss right after the Reaping.  Here’s the closest thing in the book to what he says in this clip:

“Katniss, it’s just hunting.  You’re the best hunter I know.”

So, alright, those lines are pretty good, and they do sort of set up the premise pretty well.

In the very first few seconds when it was just the forest I thought, oh no, it looks like Twilight.  You do NOT do this series a favor by comparing it to Twilight!  But then it got better.  Katniss is hardcore.  My favorite part of this teaser is probably her face when she fires off that arrow at the end.  Who or what is she shooting?  From her face I would say it’s when she shoots Marvel to avenge Rue.  That’s what it looks like to me, for sure, and that’s kind of the way it happens in the book, she comes running and immediately kills him.

Every bit shown except the ones with the fire are post-tracker jacker, when she’s got the bow and arrow.  These are good choices, because the bow is definitely part of Katniss’ iconic image, but so is the “girl on fire” motif.  So this teaser really includes both of those elements.  And we don’t need to see the tracker jacker scene, although some people were speculating that we would, because in this context where it’s really just trying to set up the basic story and get you excited about it that would probably be distracting or confusing.  i mean she’s hallucinating and her face is swollen and puffy.

No, I think the producers of this teaser trailer made good decisions, although I am still dying to see some Josh Hutcherson/Peeta Mellark action!  So much so, I temporarily convinced myself that the flash of a close-up on somebody’s eyes (at about the 24-second mark) might have been him.  The eyes looked too dark to be Jennifer’s, and I didn’t think she was going to be wearing contacts since she wasn’t in the pictures of her in costume that were in Entertainment Weekly awhile back.  I thought it could be Peeta, hiding out with an injured leg, waiting for Katniss to rescue him.

i analyze the eyes from the teaser trailer, hoping we've seen a glimpse of Peeta

Unfortunately, all this close scrutiny only made me realize that is HAS to be Katniss because the person in this close-up has the same nose-freckle as Jennifer Lawrence.  (My husband, who has been leaning over my shoulder mocking me and my obsession, insists that I give him credit for first noticing the freckle.)

jennifer lawrence's nose-freckle

So…is she gonna be wearing contacts?  Or is the lighting in that particular shot just kinda dark?  It’s probably just the lighting.  Damn!  I really want to see/hear some Peeta!  When do we get a real trailer?

Also, is the whistling at the very end supposed to be the mockingjay song that Rue sings?  The books says it’s only four or so notes, right?  I count four whistled notes at the end.  I’m pretty sure that’s Rue’s song!


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“Hunger Games” Boys

Yesterday the first pictures of Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as Peeta and Gale hit the internet.  Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss was revealed a few months ago, and I thought she looked great.  Having seen Winter’s Bone I never really had any doubt that she’d make a great Katniss, but I was concerned about the casting of these boys.  The first picture was them on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly.

Tiny Gale, Giant Peeta


Thirty seconds later I had calmed down enough to realize it was not horrible, and Gale actually looks pretty good.  Definitely like he could be mistaken for a cousin of Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss.  But Josh’s hair is far from the Peeta-blonde I imagined, and I still think his arms are too big.   I guess he is supposed to be strongish from tossing his baker daddy’s bags of flour around or something.  I just don’t remember him being described that way, maybe because mostly the book focuses on how sensitive he is and how Katniss sees him as a weakness or a liability.

I think part of the reason the cover is so weird to me is that in real life Hutcherson is way shorter than Hemsworth, like nine inches shorter.  To get this cover where they look roughly the same height, some trickery is involved.  Maybe Hutcherson is standing a lot closer to the camera, and that’s partly why his arms looks so big (and Hemsworth, who is supposed to be the big muscular Gale, looks teeny tiny!  With an itty bitty waist, even!)  And what kind of a costume is that supposed to be for Peeta?  Is that even a costume?  He’s just wearing a t-shirt!  Is this really a “first look” at Gale and Peeta or is it just the first look at the hair dye jobs on these guys?  And the angsty faces, I guess…I just really don’t like Hutcherson’s face in this picture.

This is how I pictured Peeta while reading the books:

Hunter Parish, actor on the show Weeds

Anyway, later in the day I saw this picture:

The Boy with the Bread!

And I thought, YES!  Now THAT looks like Peeta.  The boy with the bread.  Looking at this I can absolutely picture him sneaking outside in the rain to give his hungry little crush some life-saving sustenance.  Still not blonde, actually his hair looks even darker in this picture, but I love it.  This is the closest I’ve come to getting excited about Hutcherson in this role.  I know Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins keep saying that he’s amazing, that his audition blew them away, and that makes me feel better, but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet.  I hope when the trailer comes out and I get to see him deliver his lines then I will be totally on board.  Peeta is definitely my favorite character.  He’s so good!  They have to get him right!

Finally, this picture of Katniss and Gale together in the woods confirmed my thoughts upon seeing the cover that Hemsworth was going to be great in this role.  It looks perfect.

Katniss + Gale

The funny thing is, when I read the books I am 100% team Peeta and I almost hate Gale, but looking at these pictures I totally love Gale and am squeamish and turned off by Peeta.  I hope Hutcherson can deliver a really great performance that makes me change my mind back, otherwise, I might become team movie-Gale!

At least I don’t have to worry about Katniss.  She’s the most important character to get right, for sure.


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